Detailed Siders of Cleveland

3rd Generation has successfully completed 3 projects at my house in the last two and a half years, one small, and two fairly large jobs. In each case, the work was completed without any issues or problems. The largest and most recent project was re-siding my entire house and replacing all gutters and downspouts. It came out looking fantastic to the point, my sister in law, also decided to re-side her home. In addition, a number of neighbors have come over to look at the results, and they are looking at having 3rd Generation do some work for them. Not only was the work meticulous, and detailed, but there were no issues with cleanup. Kyle and his small crew focused on the job, making sure everything was addressed and completed properly before moving to the next section. From the moment I called and asked for a quote, Mike S was engaged. He promptly visited and followed through until the project was completed, and even weeks later to check my satisfaction levels. By far, the best experience with a contractor over the years. I had gone out and received 4 quotes, and 3rd Generation was very competitive. My gut estimate is the project added substantial value to my home. It looks like a brand new house. I highly recommend them.